Sandi smallSandi Gamble is an author and speaker, who is passionate about assisting other people to rise above past traumas and common issues that confront them every day. She wishes to teach others how to be the best they can be, with what they currently have to work with.

Sandi has written her autobiography, published in 2013 and available from this site. In her book she covers the trauma and abuse she suffered as a child.

Sandi endured and overcame some of the worse abuse that a child and young adult could go through, until one day she said, “Enough,” and pursued ways to change her life.

Sandi’s mission is to offer you similar strategies, in the hope that you also can experience the best life you can. Through this website, she hopes to connect and help nurture your inner child and lead you to a brighter, more self-motivated future, one that will assist you down the path to personal success.

When we consistently look at the past there is no time to engage in the present or look to the future.