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Sandi is available for speaking engagements on topics such as long-term domestic violence, surviving childhood sexual abuse and rape and the repurcussions that affect her daily life now. Sandi is also able to simplify the difficult path that a Forgotten Australian must trek into adulthood and maturity, if they make it. Sandi herself survived living with a mentally ill/alcoholic parent as a child and is able to speak to her experience on how she survived and thrived. Also, Sandi lives with a chronic/terminal illness and shares her secrets for overcoming and surviving the depression that this can cause.


SANDI GAMBLE enjoys engaging with audiences when speaking at events, Sandi is a personable and compassionate speaker who loves nothing more than to bring joy to others. Sandi is a fan of kindness, fairness and helps others to look to the future with hope. Sandi was sexually and emotionally abused as a child and was placed in the care of the Good Shepherd’s Magdalene laundry Convent in Bendigo, Victoria, where she was further abused by her caretakers. Sandi appeared and gave evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. After leaving the convent at age sixteen, Sandi fell prey to a domestically violent husband and for the next six years faced unbearable abuse on a daily basis, until she found the courage to leave this situation. Sandi was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic kidney disease and has lived with that for more than thirty years, several months ago she was also diagnosed with terminal Cancer. Sandi eventually began a life free from violence and met someone (her husband Shaun) who was supportive of her endeavours, understanding of her past and able to assist her with much needed emotional support. Sandi and Shaun have been married for thirty-five years. Sandi learned for the first time to love and respect herself and to see that she was capable of doing anything that any other person could do. Sandi started study towards a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University in 2015 at 59 years of age.

Through all of this adversity, Sandi can still see the positives in life and hope for her future.

You can contact Sandi at Email Sandi for more information.

Book Launch with Senator Claire Moore, Shadow Minister for Women QLD at CLAN’s 14th Anniversary, Bankstown Sports Club, Sydney, NSW. 15th July, 2014.

Book Launch Broken – An extraordinary story of Survival by one of Australia’s Forgotten Children



Book Launch with Senator Claire Moore, Shadow Minister for Women QLD at CLAN’s 14th Anniversary, Bankstown Sports Club, Sydney, NSW. 15th July, 2014.

Book Launch Broken – An extraordinary story of Survival by one of Australia’s Forgotten Children


Sandi is a true Inspiration and will be speaking alongside three more Inspiring Speakers, as well as our MC Nicole Fisher and Songstress Candice Skjonnemand for an evening of celebration, an evening all about what’s possible. This is a gathering of like-minded and like-hearted women from many different backgrounds coming together to share, encourage and nurture each other on their life journeys. ~ Jane Sleight-Leach founder of Wise and Well Women and Inspiring Logan Women.

Join us to hear more about Sandi, her story and her mission to assist others.

INSPIRING LOGAN WOMEN 26th March 2015, Logan Diggers Club, tickets $25

Inspiring Logan Women


Value Card Comments ~ 26th March 2015

What value did you take from this speaker?

Sandi Gamble

Tremendous courage and the ability to keep moving forward no matter what – very inspiring. Love the quote “not half cup empty or half cup full – just find the cup”. Extremely moving speech.

The willingness to accept your past and find the strength from within to change your life’s direction.

“Hard” experiences can turn into a brilliant inspiring story by learning from that and sharing it to people with an open heart is great.

That our past can be transformed.

No matter what has previously happened in your life, you are able to overcome the hardships/bad times by being around caring people who show a positive interest in you. You can become someone.

Totally amazing positive attitude, despite her past and present Sandi is focused on a bright future with love and joy and COURAGE. Total respect for you Sandi.

Survivor, tremendous resilience. Great perspective on past Vs present Vs future time. Let it go.

If anybody can do it you can do it too. Importance of someone who supports you fully.

I learned about forgotten children and that to deal with emotion so it doesn’t manifest into illness later on.

Anyone can achieve anything.

Resilience, courage, used life issues/challenges as learning experiences. An incredible and powerful woman. SHE IS SOMEONE!!

Learn from mistakes, do not give up.

It was moving, made me think she’ll survive. Still soldier on. Well done.

Sandi had not given up on men in life considering her experiences. Although Sandi has been through so much, she still stays quite strong. Quoting her mother clearly shows how big her heart is and forgiveness has helped her get through.

Other people have bigger issues. She has taught me that even when you feel like everyone’s against you, you are not alone. (14 YO girl)

Incredibly inspirational, she has taught me to keep going when others have given up on you. Thank you Sandi (drawing of love heart)

A story similar to my own. Would have liked more of her inner strength and how/where she draws it from.

Fantastic openness, courage, and giving. Inspiring by taking her power back and moving forward reconnecting with her children. Need to help the abusers as well. It started with her father’s PTSD and if he was helped then maybe things would have been different.

No matter how much personal work we do on ourselves, there are always hidden hurts and wounds.